Space Agencies
Brazilian Space Agency – AEB, Brazil
National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA, United States of America
European Space Agency – ESA
China National Space Administration
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency – JAXA
Canadian Space Agency – CSA
National Center of Space Studies – CNES, France
Russian Federal Space Agency – Roscosmos
Indian Space Research Organisation – ISRO, India
National Comission of Space Activities, Argentina
Colombia Space Comission, Colombia
Equator Civil Space Agency, Equador
Mexican Space Agency, Mexico
Center for Aeronautical and Space Investigation and Difusion – CIDA-E, Uruguai
Algerian Space Agency, Algeria
National Space Research and Development Agency – NASRDA, Nigeria
Korea Aerospace Research Institute – KARI, South Korea
Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission – SUPARCO, Pakistan
Space Technology Institute
Projects and Resources for Teachers
 Professor Astronomy
NASA Education Teaching Materials
NASA Education Projects Listed Alphabetically
NASA Space Weather Action Center – SWAC
NASA Radio JOVE Project – Radio Astronomy for Precollege School
The Solar System Radio Explorer Kiosk (SSREK)
NASA Academy
NASA Explorer Schools
NASA Teaching from Space
NASA Digital Learning Network
NASA Podcasting
NASA EarthKAM – picture the Earth from the International Space Station
NASA Picture Dictionary
Stars are not all white!
SOHO videos
NASA human spaceflight
NASA Video Gallery
IMAGE gallery – magnetosphere and auroras
ISS Tour
NASA interactive features
Agricultural ideas for science fair projects
Concentration game about the Sun)
Sky&Telescope Videos
Searching for planets with life
Space Tourism and other Private Space Enterprises
Orbital Technologies – Commercial Space Station, Space Hotel, and more
Space Adventures – suborbital flights and more
Virgin Galactic – suborbital flights and more
Rocketship Tours – fly side by side with an astronaut

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